Be different, FREEZING in a flash

New system of INSTANTLY FREEZING for any type of cup or glass.



enfriador gf-1000


copas congeladas


Its bell-shape showy design with led lights (activated with gas impulses) will attract your customers so you will be different from others. It is recommended for bars, hotels, restaurants, cubs, after-hours, cocktails bars, and so on.



Freezing in a flash of any type of cups or glasses.

It improves the taste of the drinks as it doesn’t add any flavour and ice cubes don’t defrost.

Add hygiene to your services as it sterilizes glasses when freezing.

Improve the quality of the service at low cost.

Ideal for champagnes and white wines as it keeps all the carbonic and the temperature character of the drink is not affected.

Avoid cups and glasses breakings.

It doesn’t need any electrical connection; its small dimensions make it a suitable machine for any place. You will save energy and space.

It uses fluid CO2 cylinders with probe.